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Hai, How R U ? Welcome, Pls stay and look around. We can help with building y site :-)

We do Funky Website Designs.

We provide everything that is needed for your business to have a online presence. Domain Name Registration, Website Design & Development, Hosting & Business Emails, Marketing & Support. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

We have got formal qualifications from our local universities, trained and specialised at advance level in major software development technologies.
We will help make your website a success.


Informative Websites

Cheaper to build website, faster online, gives your company a professional online presence.

Self Manage Websites

Content management system to run your own website, keep it fresh, flexible and extendable.

Online Store

Take your products online, update catalogue, take payments, monitor sales. Self maintained, easy to use.

Website Services

We offer

Domain Name Registration
Choosing the right name for your website is important. We provide everything needed to register and create branding.
Website Design & Development
We will create unique website design for company to succeed online & give the edge over your competitors.
Hosting & Business Emails
We have our own server infrastructures. We use high-end hardware & software technologies, to be on top of the game.
Marketing & Support
We will follow the performance of your website and ensure it exceeds all your expectations. You speak with us directly.
Website Skills

Our Talents

  • Creative Web Designers

    Attention to Detail

    Creative Web Designers

    We have the skills. We design awesome Websites. First impression lasts, and we will design your Website that attracts attention and visitors to stay on and look around.

    Attention to Detail

    We go over and over again to ensure that perfection is achieved. The design team pay a lot of attention to detail and follow strict methods of the WWW.

  • Smart Devices

    Responsive Design

    Smart Devices

    People are always looking up information online while on the move. It makes so much sense to be able to serve Website on iPhones, iPads, Tablets PCs and other smart devices.

    Responsive Design

    Smart phones come in many shapes and sizes, we want the customers to be able to view your Website on the go. We cover user interface presentation for every major browser.

  • Personal Approach

    Own the project

    Personal Approach

    We work on our Web design projects as if it were our own Website. It is very important to look at a Website from the customers point of view.

    Own the project

    Our approach to Web design is attention to detail. We work in iteration until your Website passes our rigorous quality control.

  • Leading Edge

    Software Technologies

    Leading Edge

    We are constantly updating everything everywhere. This not only helps us to keep on top of it but makes Web design so much enjoyable.

    Software Technologies

    Good design and development software technologies help create good Website designs. We use the latest and greatest for all our work.

  • Methodologies

    Analysis & Design


    The Web is ever changing but the basic design method stay the same. We follow the standard SDLC methodology; Requirements Analysis, Design, Development, Test Test Test, Implement, Review, Market.

    Analysis & Design

    Planning and creating a blue print for your Website is the most important step of building your Website. We will ensure that you have checked off all functions on your Website before development starts.

  • Infrastructure

    High-end Servers


    Hardware is as important as developing cool Websites. We provide robust Infrastructure and ensure that your Website performs the best.

    High-end Servers

    We own all our Servers and hardware. We provide high SLA and have 4 hour guarantees in place direct with the manufactures of machines.

  • Commitment

    Dedication to succeed


    We will commit to deliver your Website as planned. It will meet your requirements and will perform as you envisaged. That is our Commitment.

    Dedication to succeed

    It is in our interest that your Website is a success. That measures our success.

  • Deadlines

    On time - In budget


    We understand urgency. We understand the planning and preparation that goes into a Website launch and will go out of our way to meet the deadline.

    On time - In budget

    We can work under pressure. We will work directly with your team to produce results. Progress that you are able to view online and provide feedback, and we will come up with the final Website quicker.

  • Talented Software Developers

    Persistent to Perfection

    Talented Software Developers

    We have skills. We create awesome Websites. Our speciality is Web development. A cool Website needs smart functionality behind it to be a hit.

    Persistent to Perfection

    We have a very dedicated and committed team of Website developers who work tirelessly on Website projects and will ensure that every aspect of Web programming is covered and meets all standards.

  • Support

    Own Team


    We provide premium support for your Website. It is so much easier to offer such service because we own and control all the software and hardware for your website.

    Our Team

    You will be speaking with us directly. We are always here to help in any matters to ensure your Website is working at its peak.

Website Designs

Our Web Designs

Our Motto

Our Commitment

  • In today's world, technology takes care of you
    > It provides you with food, shelter, clothes, 'shoes' and income.
    Websites are its sidekick - there is no sidekick without its hero...
    We will be the heroes to get your Website online & make the front-facing exhibition for your business.


    Management Consultant, Designs

  • I have a passion for everything software and love the too-hard-buckets.
    Challenges can be demanding - pressures keep you young - I like to be young.
    You need it done, I will get it done.
    Let's make it happen.


    Consultant, Development

  • We are Funky people
    We create awesome Websites
    We just love our Designs
    Check out our stuff, Contact us and we will look after you.


    Design & Development Team, Funky Website Designs

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